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The Cloud

GSPNETWORK has partnered up with Symantec Protection Network to bring you ultimate low prices at a great enterprise level. We currently offers two online backup service options to help small and mid-sized businesses address critical backup and recovery needs.The greatest news is you dont have to pay a dime to sign up and test our system. “We offer you a 30 day trial with no obligation to your wallet.”

Online Backup
Secure, stand alone online backup service for PCs and servers. Click Here to sign Up.

Online Storage for Backup Exec
Enables Backup Exec 12.x users to automatically store copies of backup files in off-site data centers. Click Here to sign Up.

Custom Server Rental

Custom Server Rentals
Create for your company or organization to fit your needs. To Customize and purchase immediately click here to get started. If you dont see what you need please call one of our Agents at (888) 631 -1435 to inquire what you dont see.

GSP NETWORKCo-Location Services

With our comprehensive and secure Co-Location Services, our clients provide the hardware and software. The hardware resides in our State of the art Data Centers and is connected to the Internet via redundant GSP connections with BGP protection. Please Call for Rates (888) 631 -1435 Colo Department.

Social Networking

GSP Network makes it easy to add robust social networking functionality to your website like customizable member profiles, friending, member-to-member messaging, groups and more.

GSP Network integrates seamlessly with your website, and since it's a hosted solution, we serve all the applications and the media on our lightning-fast servers. That means there's never any software for you or your visitors to download. All the data and member information belongs to you, and we've built a full suite of management and reporting features so you're always in control and in the know.
We Offer three seperate options : (1) Personal Social Enviroment setup with our ads (2) Business Social Enviroment setup with ads with ad buyout option (3) Complete Social Development Creation to Own . More Info

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